TeoSys Laser Inscription on Glass Micromachining Channels in Stainless using 532nm 2 Micron Spot Size in UV Laser Ablation of Zinc Sulphide UV Laser Cutting of Wire Mesh into 295um Disc UV Laser Wire Stripping 2D Barcoding on Pinhead UV Laser Drilling of Glass Disc Aluminum Ablation from Glass Substrate using UV Excimer Laser Ablation

Laser Micromachining Systems & Contract Services

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TeoSys is a fully integrated laser systems designer, manufacturer and contract services provider.  We specialize in the laser micromachining of difficult materials (plastics, glass, diamond, etc.) with feature sizes as small as 1 micron using excimer lasers. 

SYSTEMS -  Industrial Micromachining & Laser Marking Systems

TeoSys produces the worlds' smallest, lowest cost, complete (and portable) Ultraviolet Excimer laser micromachining system.  System includes excimer laser at 193nm, beam delivery, automated 2 axis motion system (plus 1 manual focus axis), visible optical path, video microscope and computer software interface for automatic programming of 2D vector cut paths.  All this for $75K!


Full size, industrial laser micromachining systems are also offered which house the above as well as up to 8 additional integrated axes of motion and full parts handling subsystems.  These systems come with any type of laser (or wavelength (CO2) 10um, (Nd:YAG) 1.064um, 532nm, (UV) 355nm, (UV) 248nm, (UV)193nm) depending on the needs of the customer application.  All of the underlying subsystems remain the same.  TeoSys has designed the electrical, motion and software interfaces which are applicable to any type of laser (light bulb).

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Custom laser systems are also designed for those applications whose requirement are outside of the typical table-top design or for those who want to rolex replica uk retrofit a laser into an existing manufacturing line.  TeoSys design a system to put a laser pretty much anywhere it is needed.


Our core laser micromachining systems are rapidly prototyped based on customer application requirements thereby reducing lead-time and cost.

Micromachining Contract Services - Great UV Drilling Turnaround Times

TeoSys offers custom contract services in laser cutting, laser drilling and laser marking.  We can laser mark any text, graphics,1 and 2-D barcodes.  Our text is as small as 10 microns in character height.  Our spot sizes are as small as 1 micron.  Our laser systems range from fully automated 5-axis systems to semi-automated 2 axis.


Our patented intra-cavity aperture (ICVA) design in our excimer lasers improves beam quality with near TM00 performance.  The ICVA extends optical longevity, maximizes useable energy density (fluence) to the work surface and increases machinable depth of field by over 2 orders of magnitude.  Other UV lasers use external devices to shape and trim the laser beam causing premature system wear and limited UV depth of field.  In addition, our ICVA system allows the user to dynamically adjust the beam size during laser firing.

CUSTOM SOFTWARE  -  Integrated Laser, Motion & Measurement

Incredibly seamless integration of laser, motion system and in-process measurement that provides the best control of all laser micromachining processes whether hole drilling in metals, text inscribing in glass and diamond, or channel drilling in polyimide and Kalrez.

 10 Micron UV Laser Text Inscription on Borofloat Green Laser 532nm Custom Software for Hole DrillingLaser Drilling of Channels in Metal Using 532nm & Measurement

CUSTOM Fixturing  -  Integrated Motion and Part Movement

Green Laser 532nm Drilling   

In-House Machine Shop & Fabrication for Quick Turnaround

In addition to our 'micro' fabrication services we offer a complete range of 'macro' fabrication services.  We have a complete shop on-site which includes mills, lathes and metrology equipment.  Parts fabrication and custom parts design and fabrication are provided.



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